Char Dham Yatra has excellent importance and significance particularly among the individuals of Hindu faith. This yatra washes Pilgrims all sins and opens doors for “Moksha”. Each individual ought to contemplate visiting these four Holy places a minimum of once in their lifespan. Millions of devotees visit this auspicious yatra every year and pay homage to the temples every year. It’s normally believed that undertaking a journey to those Pilgrim locations take away all sins as a person’s being no matter you’ve got drained your past life. The yatra offers you peace, moksha, sense of belongingness, heart Purity and the act of self-actualization in life. To give you a brief about the Char Dham Yatra. Yatra starts from Hardwar to Yamunotri, going on to Gangotri followed by Kedarnath and eventually ends at Badrinath. This route follows the Hindu tradition of Parikrama(revolving around, referred to as Earth’s circulation on its own axis). Call- 0730-2222-888

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